Make a page

Go to (for some reason the normal link doesn't let you sign in on chrome, on other browsers you might have to try going to to sign in and then go to our page, if that works then you can use below instead). Create an account and then create a page by typing in the link it should have. So always start with


and then the category you want your page to be in, following the chain down with a colon in between the categories. If you want to add a page for your personal shop the link would be:


If you need help with this step, please ask on discord in #help or in a DM to me (Aitnys). I prefer extra questions then not properly placed pages :) .

There will be a button to "create this page", click that to start making your page. If you want to add a picture you can click on "files" and then "upload a file from your computer". Although we don't have a lot of storage space for this wiki so if you can upload your images to an external place that is preferable.

When you are done click "save" (although its smart to save as you go along) and look at your beautiful page! Now you want it to show up in the menu's right? So scroll down and click "parent". Here you will want to type the categories above your page, so in our example above you would type


Then you will also want to add tags to your page. To make sure people can find you in the Glossary add a _ followed by the first letter of your page. Then you can chose if you want more tags, add them separated by a space, only add tags that are relevant to your page. So for our example we could do

_m shop myshop player

If you want multiple pages for your shop you can use the same link but add the categories after your shop name so for example


This means your main page (myshop) would have information about your shop and there would be links to the other 2 pages to explain those subjects in more detail. Don't forget to add a parent and tags if you want. For detail pages its not mandatory since you will find them through the main page.

The parent for our example detail pages above would be:


Add this for every detail page separately.

Do not make detail pages when they are not necessary! Only use them when your page is getting long and you have enough content to fill up a separate page.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License