The Iceways

Example of an Iceway Station
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Iceway Station N2 of New World

A typical entrance to the Iceways
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The Iceway entrance at new spawn

The Iceways are a system of tunnels that almost every player uses as a means of travel. Whether you're just starting out or relaxing in the endgame, both players will find the Iceways a ton of help. The Iceways have stations all across both new and old world labeled under the cardinal directions, "N,S,E,W." Our map includes a series of stations, The closer you are to spawn the lower the number. For example, Station NE1 is closer to spawn than NE2. Each Station is easily identified by two cyan coloured beacons. (As seen in the picture to the right). You then go down into the iceway by the directional blocks indicating the entrance down to the iceway or the exit out. (As seen in the picture to the left). You will then be brought to a number of entrances leading to another station on the world. (Shown below) These tunnels teleport you to each marked station, but before that they used to be open ice tunnels you can walk on!

The teleport tunnels of the Iceways
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Each tunnel leads to its indicated station
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