Why should I vote?

Voting helps us grow the community by attracting the attention of new players. When you vote on each voting website, it brings our rank up so it can easily grab attention. The more players we have on Vanillarite, the more enjoyable and unique each interaction will be when you play minecraft.

Our Rank on TopG
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Our rank on TopG as of 9/17/2020, voting improves the selected rank

How to vote

In order to vote you must follow these steps.

  1. Type /vote in game to bring up a list of websites (shown on the right), alternatively go to and click the buttons on the main page
  2. Then click on each of the links to bring them up on you browser
  3. Once you go onto the website, enter your in game name in the voting area
  4. Solve the Captcha (If needed) and submit your vote

Our Voting Websites
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This will show when you do /vote in-game, click on each of these links to vote. Click this picture to go to the vanillarite website page with the vote links.

Vote shop

Each time you vote you will be given 1 point and 3 emeralds in game. Those points can be used to purchase these items on the website (Shown here)

The Vote Shop
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We have an assortment of items you can purchase with your votepoints

Weekly voter lotto

At the end of every week on Sunday, there are an assortment of prizes that are valued from players of all sorts. The more votes you have the more likely you are to win.

The Voting Wheel
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The more you vote the higher the chance you'll have at winning the lotto
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