How do I set up my own shop?

Shopkeeper Help

Shopkeeper is a villager egg that creates a custom, Shopkeeper villager for trading items from an assigned chest.
There are 4 types of Shopkeeper shops:

  1. Selling Shop (sells items to players for emeralds or emerald blocks
  2. Buying Shop (buys items for emeralds
  3. Trading Shop (buys or sells any item for any item)
  4. Book Shop (sells copies of books)

Most of your needs can be covered with the TRADING SHOP type so make sure to choose that on step 3 below.

Shopkeeper Instructions:
  1. Buy a Shopkeeper egg at spawn
  2. Place a chest near where your shop will be
  3. Holding the egg, Right click into the air to select the shop type: Selling, Buying, Trading or Book shop
  4. Right click the chest you just placed to assign it to the new shop
  5. Right click the place where your shopkeeper will be.
  6. Put your items in the chest and crouch right-click the shopkeeper to get the GUI to set up your shop. For the trading shop you will need 1 of the item you want to receive as payment, put that below the item your selling and left click to make the amount go up, right click to make it go down.
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