In what way are we not vanilla?

We want to play Minecraft with as little changes as possible, but Minecraft is very laggy on its own.


We have a couple quality of life plugins.

  • Claiming, to prevent grief
  • Sleeping plugin, so we can skip nights by 30% of people in that world sleeping
  • Death chest, so your items go into a chest only you can open (unless you /unlock) for 10 minutes before they drop.
  • Chat + tab plugin, to make the chat and the tablist look better with ranks etc.
  • Dynmap,
  • Plugin to have more worlds, so we are able to have the minigames worlds and the 2 overworlds etc.
  • Staff/security plugins, to manage the cheaters and do things like rollback grief

We also have very few plugins that are just for fun/decoration purposes but don't change basic gameplay. We have a heads database and a plugin that makes armor stand edits possible.

Technical changes important for farms/redstone builds

Paper changes the way redstone works in some ways. It makes it a lot less laggy but it also means that some things will not work/work differently. Test things out before going big. But even then skipping of ticks when the server is busy might break things, so its smart to have an easy access way to your redstone.
Claim edges:
Redstone/hoppers really don't like claim edges. This is to prevent them being used to grief. Make sure you stay away from any edge of your claims.
Despawn range:
Hostile mobs will start to occasionally despawn at 28 blocks and they will always despawn if they are more then 96 blocks away.
Mob cap:
We have a per player mob cap. For hostile mobs this is 25. In vanilla Minecraft hostile mobs try to spawn every tick, on our server this is every 4th tick. For normal play this isn't really noticeable, but for efficient mob farms where mobs die quickly it will affect spawn rates.
Render distance
We have a ticking render distance of 4 chunks and a view distance of 8 chunks. This is the main reason the mob cap is lower then vanilla, if it was as high as vanilla you would be overwhelmed by mobs.
Mob damage
Creepers do not damage blocks and endermen do not pick up blocks.

Small changes

There are a couple more small changes we made like armor stands not having gravity or being pushed by water and chests will open if a cat is sitting on top of it.


On top of that there might also be some bugs in Minecraft, the server version we use or any of the plugins we use which might alter how things work. I keep on top of updates and search for possible fixes for issues we have regularly. So if you come across a bug please report them on discord.

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