Notice Board

What is the notice board?

The notice board is a place for players to advertise their shops, or just to send a message to their fellow players. You can write a simple message on a sign or make an elaborate map art. Sign messages can be anything you want (inside of the rules) but map art needs to be an advertisement (include shop/district name and cords/directions).

How can I add something to the board?

On Discord go to the #request-forms channel and copy the appropriate request form and fill it out.


  • 1 spot per player/shop/district
  • Placing cost 1 diamond, staff places sign/map art
  • Sign stays for at least 2 weeks, after that it can be removed if player is inactive.
  • Basic sign rules apply, plus do not troll (over the top advertisement promises are fine don't tell people to go to 4500,4500 for cheap things when there's nothing there.)
  • Hex colors can be used if they are provided by the player. Sign must be legible. Formatting does not take up space on the sign, if the text fits without formatting it will fit with formatting (except maybe bold).
  • Map art must be advertising something. Signs can be anything.
  • Sign/map art must contain player name (recognizable part name allowed for players with long names)

Can I use colors and formatting on my sign?

Yes! You can use the normal & codes (check /colors in game) or use hex codes with & in front of it.



will look like:


What will it cost to place a sign/map art?

Placing a sign or map onto the board will cost 1 diamond. Small edits can be made to signs during the placement, but after its done if you want to edit anything later it will cost 1 diamond again. The diamonds will be saved up and used for server giveaways or possibly event prizes.

Formatting tips

  • Use a site like this one to make a gradient. Set it to "hex code plus text" and then manually put & in front of every #.
  • You can color every letter of the line in a different color if you want and it will still work, since we will be adding the text with a command.
  • Remember that if you use bold it might not fit as many characters as without bold
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