How can I help out the server?

Thank you

First of all I love hearing you guys love this server! It makes all the work worth it 1000 times over! <3. You guys make this server a community. If you want to give back to the server here are a few ways that help us the most:


Seriously just playing on the server is already helping the server!

Be welcoming

When new players join, send them a welcome message and answer their questions. Or even offer advice specific to our server without them asking questions. Try not to overwhelm them either though.


Voting honestly works really good for attracting new players. And it gets you perks too! Read more about voting here.

Like and comment on social media

Follow our instagram account and like and comment on our posts. Also on Wednesdays I post on /r/mcservers a lot of people watch that Reddit to find new servers to play on too, we've gotten a couple really nice players from there as well. Please post an honest review and/or upvote it really helps to show we have a good community of active people.

Contribute pages to this wiki

Show off our amazing community by posting content on this Wiki. It's fun and it will be great when we can look back on the history of our server in a couple years.

  • Donations also help the server, but we have enough donations to stay running, the above will help a lot more then money to keep this server running for hopefully years to come. So please don't feel guilty if you're unable to donate to the server <3.
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