How do I claim land?

At 1 hour of playtime you will receive a 32x protection stone (ps) and at 8 hours you will receive a 64x ps. Every 6 hours of playtime you will receive 1㏄, use /getclaim to get a small 9x ps, which you can exchange at spawn for bigger claims.

These are colored concrete blocks, place these blocks in the middle of the area you want to claim. The claims show up on the DynMap as white squares.

The 9x and 32x blocks are cubes and the 64x and 128x ps go from bedrock to sky. The number in front of the protection stones are how much land you get to claim, for example: 64x is 64 blocks by 64 blocks.

Commands you can use:

/ps help (shows all plugin commands, including ones you cannot use.)
/ps info (use inside of a claim to see who owns it, who the members are and what flags are set)
/ps add name (add a player as a member to your claim)
/ps addowner name (add a player as an owner to your claim)
/ps merge (merge claims, requires rank Planet or higher)
/ps flag (shows a menu in chat to change the flags)
/ps view (shows the edges of the claim you are in)
/ps unclaim (removes the claim)
/ps priority (change priority, only use if you know what you're doing)

When players have been offline for a month you can request their claim to be removed. Claims from players ranked Galaxy and up will never be unclaimed.

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The Shop at spawn to buy Protection Stones.
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