Armor Stand Edit

Using ArmorStandEditor

  1. Do /armorstandedit in game to receive the editing tool.
  2. Hold the editing tool in your main hand
  3. Left or right click away from an armor stand to open menu.
  4. Select the labeled menu options.
  5. Left click the armor stand with the edit tool in hand to apply those options.
  6. Right click instead to edit in reverse!


  • Press the "swap item in hands" key (default F) while holding the edit tool to target a specific armor stand, if other armor stands are in the way.
  • You can use crouch + scroll wheel while holding the edit tool to change axis without opening the menu.
  • Turn your finished armor stand invisible and create a second empty armorstand if you want the armor stand to show. This way creepers cannot destroy your hard work.


The GUI of ArmorStandEdit
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Right-clicking with the provided tool you will be shown this GUI
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