Shake N' Bake

Welcome to Shake N' Bake!

SnB for short is a shopping district located North West of New Spawn.

It is home to many different shops, with more being added.

Are you tired of overpriced items and shops that are out of stock? Then Shake N' Bake is the place to be!
Shops are restocked daily and on top of the great prices, we have regular sales that knock those prices even down further!

We are all about customer service, that is why we have diamond-emerald exchanges and Shulker box area's all over the place, to make your life that much easier!

And we won't stop there! We have lot's of things planned for the Future of SnB.


SnB is also home to the New World free chest area, here new players can get a nice boost to their fresh start and settled in players can leave extra items that they don't need behind to help others.

Are you looking to start your own shop? We have you covered! At Shake N' Bake's community shopping area, everyone can get a plot to build their own shop on! Right next to spawn!

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