It me!
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CastleOfGlass standing on the information board next to the miniature of Aitnys.

I joined the server as CastleOfGlass after it reset for the 1.15 update before it was open to the public, a couple of us helped the admins test things. I have seen a lot of people come and go but I have definitely made good friends here <3.

I started my base as just a temporary spot for my villagers to live.. but I ended up staying here and just digging out the hole in the ground whenever I needed more space. A couple months ago I felt a bit claustrophobic in my base since it was mostly tunnels just big enough to house what I needed. So I exchanged all the stone walls inside of my base with glass. Several villagers died during this renovation unfortunately but it also allowed for more space and they were replaced with even more villagers.. I have to keep up my stat of the most villager trades somehow. One of the villagers went into a hole in the wall and refused to come back out, so I left him there.

My underground base
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Yes, theres villagers under most of those torches in the isles.


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