Get started

How to get started on our server.

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RTP well.
RTP well

We have a well that will tp you to a random location on our map. Just jump into the water to start playing. You can use /home to go back to spawn until you /sethome or sleep.


You can see where you are on our server and where all the other players are using our Dynamic map. At the top of the sidebar, you can see we have a map for the New World, the Old World, and the Mining Nether. Click on a name on the list of players to see where they are. If they don't show up they are in a world that's not on the map (see Old and New World below)

Iceways/tp stations

We have tp stations to allow you to travel fast around the map. The corners of the blue lines are the stations. Go to the wiki page to learn more about it by clicking here.

Is there tp on this server?

Short answer: no. Long answer: we have tp stations (see above) and you can set 1 home. We also have /tpaccept for when you need the help of a mod and they need to tp to you. If you join with a friend and there is a member of staff online you can request a tp to your friend one time in the first hour of playtime. If no member of staff is online you can use the tp stations to both go to the same place. Use /sethome while you travel so you can easily /home back if you die.

Free stuff chests

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Free stuff chests at Old World Spawn.

North of Old World spawn and North West of New World spawn you can find free stuff chests. Both spawns are at 0,0 of their world. Long time players put things in there to get new players started. Think about how much of a head start you want to get. Taking diamond armor from the chests if its there will mean you don't have the early game grind to get these and there's definitely charm in the early game grind. Remember to put things in these chests when you have enough to share.

How to claim

You will receive your first claim block at 1 hour of playtime. If you want more information about how claiming works click here


Our ranking system is based on playtime. You will get your first rank at 1 hour of playtime.

1 hour `Meteor` 32x claimblock
6 hours `Comet` first 9x claim block, some chat limits lifted, /armorstandedit
8 hours 64 claim block
1 day `Lunar` color, bold, italics, etc, /armorstandedit
2 days `Planet` merge claims, dice
4 days `Quasar` access to hex colors, 8ball
8 days `Nebula` /me, /hat, /countdown
16 days `Galaxy` /heads database
32 days `custom role` Join the server when full, pick your own rank name
Donor Join the server when its full, access to the /hat command, access to the /heads database, colors in chat and a blue name, for one month.


On our server, you should have access to most of the commands you can see when you do / in-game and scroll through the list (press t then /, for some reason opening chat with / does not work for this). Some commands you will get access to with certain ranks though (see above).

Our worlds explained

We have 2 main worlds, which both also have a nether. We also have a mining nether and End that are the same size as the overworlds (4.5k out from spawn, so 9k across).
We also have a minigames server you can access with /minigames or /mg. Use /survival or /s to come back to survival.

Does the map ever reset?

The overworlds do not reset, one or both will expand when we run out of space. Both worlds have a nether that will not reset. The end and the mining nether do reset whenever its deemed needed, although both are borderless.

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