Sketchyville Build Contest

Rules of the contest

In August of 2020 Sketchyville hosted a build contest. Sketchy_mouse was looking for outrageous fantasy builds, something that has a story, something unique. And so the signed up players went to work. They had 7 days from the start of the contest to finish their builds before Sketchy himself, Aitnys and meddlinkids judged the builds.

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Instructions on the build.

The builds

If you want to check out the builds, you can find them at Sketchyville, go to station E1 in the new world and walk west. Wander around the town is amazing! The build contest buildings are located at 1680,150.

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The results

WINNER Penguin - netherite block
Second Kyle - enchanted trident
Third Shnkx - shulker box

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