Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest!

The abandoned mansion on top of the hill south east of new world spawn is rumored to be haunted. Show off your creativity by creating the most spooky or magical costume inside of the mansion, if you dare.


  • Use at least 1 armor stand
  • Do not go outside of your area, watch where your armor stands end up if you go through wall/door
  • Only small edits to the existing rooms are allowed, when in doubt contact me
  • Do not touch other peoples builds AT ALL, no excuses
  • No rules or limits on how you decorate your room, think outside of the box
  • Attic and roof are shared open areas , communicate with each other and keep it fair
  • There are 13 spots available, its first come first served
  • You have up until October 27th to finish (in your own timezone)


  • Everyone who puts time and effort into a costume/room will receive 1 diamond block
  • Third prize is 5 diamond blocks
  • Second prize is 5 diamond blocks and 1 beacon
  • First prize is a fully enchanted netherite armor set


Room Builder Ranking
Kitchen mball3usa Third place
Dining room
Living room Penguin3484
1st floor hallway sketchy_mouse
Master bedroom PacificThyme Second place
Kids room QuintusV
Bathroom TheKillerBaker Third place
2nd floor hallway Louisthelouis
Attic Sharkie_Attack
Attic Calonan First place
Roof MothKyle

The entries can be viewed in the mansion on the hill at spawn, or on Instagram


Organizer: CastleOfGlass
Architect: Calonan
Interior Design: sketchy_mouse

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